If You Want To Take Better Photos, There’s One Simple Rule You Should Follow: The 2/3 Rule

If you want to take better photos, there’s one simple rule you should follow: the 2/3 rule.
This rule is also known as the ?rule of thirds? and It’s a compositional technique that’s used by photographers to make their photos more visually appealing.
The 2/3 rule is simple: imagine your photo is divided into nine equal parts by two horizontal and two vertical lines.
The four points where these lines intersect are called ?power points?.
When composing your photo, try to place your subject at one of these power points.
For example, if You’re taking a photo of a person, place them at the top left or right power point.
If You’re taking a landscape photo, place the horizon on one of the horizontal lines.
By following the 2/3 rule, you’ll find that your photos are more visually appealing and balanced.