Lightning Photography Can Be Both Exhilarating And Frustrating


Lightning Photography Can Be Both Exhilarating And Frustrating

Lightning photography can be both exhilarating and frustrating. While storm chasing and trying to photograph lightning can be an adventure, It’s also important to be safe and know what You’re doing. Here are some tips for photographing lightning:
-Find a safe location: You want to be far away from any tall structures or trees that could be hit by lightning. You also want to be away from any bodies of water.
-Use a tripod: This will help keep your camera steady and minimize blur.
-Use a shutter release: This will allow you to take long exposures without having to touch the camera, which could introduce shake.
-Set your camera to manual mode: This will allow you to have more control over the exposure.
-Start with a low ISO: You can always increase the ISO if needed, but starting too high can introduce noise into the image.
-Choose a long exposure: Lightning is fast, so you’ll need to use a long exposure to capture it. Try starting with a 1-2 second exposure and go from there.
-Be patient: You may need to take a lot of photos to get that perfect shot, so dont’t get discouraged.
With these tips in mind, go out and capture some amazing lightning photos!