List of Photography Synonyms


List of Photography Synonyms

Looking for a word to describe your photography style? Check out this list of photography synonyms!
Aerial ? Flying high with a camera to capture images from above
Candid ? Capturing natural, unposed moments
Close-up ? A type of photography that captures a subject at close range
Commercial ? Advertising or marketing photography
Documentary ? Storytelling through photography
Editorial ? News-based photography
Fine art ? Artistic photography
Landscape ? Photography that captures natural scenery
Lifestyle ? Capturing images of people in natural, everyday settings
Macro ? A type of photography that captures close-up images of small subjects
Night ? Photography that takes place in low-light conditions
Portrait ? A type of photography that captures the likeness of a person or group
Street ? Photography that captures everyday life in urban settings
Travel ? Photography that captures the culture and scenery of different locations