An Environmental Portrait Is A Portrait That Captures The Subject In Their Natural Surroundings

An environmental portrait is a portrait that captures the subject in their natural surroundings. This could be at their home, place of work, or any other location that is significant to them. The goal is to capture the essence of the person and their environment, and to tell a story about their life.
When photographing an environmental portrait, it is important to consider the light and the background. The light should be flattering to the subject, and the background should be interesting but not distracting. It is also important to make sure the subject is comfortable and relaxed, as this will come through in the photos.
environmental portrait photography tips:
1. Consider the light. Look for soft, natural light that will flatter your subject.
2. Choose an interesting background. The background should add to the story you are trying to tell about your subject, but It’should not be so busy that it distracts from the subject.
3. Make sure your subject is comfortable. If they are not comfortable, it will show in the photos.
4. Take your time. Environmental portrait photography is all about capturing the essence of your subject and their environment. This takes time, so dont’t rush it.