As A Newborn Photographer, I Often Get Asked How To Best Prepare For An Infant Photography Session

As a newborn photographer, I often get asked how to best prepare for an infant photography session. Here are my top tips:
1. Make sure your home is warm and comfortable for your baby. Infants do best when they are warm and relaxed, so take some time to adjust the temperature in your home before the session begins.
2. Have everything you need ready and within reach. This includes things like diapers, wipes, extra clothes, snacks, and drinks.
3. Choose a time when your baby is typically content and rested. Newborns tend to be most sleepy and calm in the morning, so plan your session accordingly.
4. Be prepared to feed your baby during the session. This will help keep them content and happy.
5. Have patience! Newborns take time to warm up to strangers, so be prepared for some fussiness at first. Once your baby gets comfortable, the session will go much smoother.