Aura Photography Is A Type Of Photography That Captures The Electromagnetic Field That’surrounds A Person

Aura photography is a type of photography that captures the electromagnetic field that’surrounds a person. Often, the aura is seen as a colorful halo that’surrounds the person in the photo. Aura photography is said to be able to capture a Person’s energy and personality.
Aura photography is done with a special camera that is said to be sensitive to the electromagnetic field. The aura is said to be composed of different colors that represent different aspects of a Person’s personality. For example, a blue aura may represent a calm and serene person, while a red aura may represent a more passionate and energetic person.
Aura photography is said to be a way to capture a Person’s true essence. It is believed that the aura is a reflection of a Person’s inner thoughts and feelings. Therefore, aura photography is often used as a tool for self-discovery and self-awareness.
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