Berlin Is A Great Place To Study Photography! There Are Many Excellent Photography Schools In The City, And Each Offers Something Unique

Berlin is a great place to study photography! There are many excellent photography schools in the city, and each offers something unique. Here are a few of our favorIt’s:
1. Berlin School of Photography ? This school offers both a diploma and a certificate in photography, and has a strong focus on fine art photography.
2. Berliner Fotografische Akademie ? This academy offers both short-term and long-term courses in photography, giving students the opportunity to really dive deep into the subject.
3. Ostkreuzschule fr Fotografie ? This school has a more documentary-style approach to photography, and offers both a diploma and a certificate program.
4. Die Fotoschule ? This school offers a wide range of courses, from beginner to advanced, making it a great option for all levels of students.
5. FotoFabrik Berlin ? This school offers both group and individual classes, making it a great option for those who want a more personalized learning experience.
No matter which school you choose, You’re sure to get a great education in photography while enjoying all that Berlin has to offer!