If You’re A Photographer, Chances Are You’ve Heard Of The Term B Roll

If You’re a photographer, chances are you’ve heard of the term B roll. But what exactly is B roll? And how can you use it to improve your photography? B roll is simply supplemental footage that can be used to support the main footage in a video. In the case of photography B roll can be used to add context interest and variety to your photos.
For example let’s say You’re shooting a wedding. The main footage might be of the ceremony itself but the B roll could be of the bride and groom getting ready the guests arriving the reception etc. By including B roll You’re able to tell a more complete story of the event.
B roll can also be used to add interest to otherwise mundane subjects. For example if You’re shooting a video about a factory the main footage might be of the factory floor but the B roll could be of the machinery the workers the products being made etc. Including B roll in your photography can help you tell a more complete story add interest and add variety to your photos. So next time You’re out shooting dont’t forget to shoot some B roll!”