In The World Of Photography, Few Genres Are As Eye-Catching And Enigmatic As Surrealism

In the world of photography, few genres are as eye-catching and enigmatic as surrealism. Surrealism photography often features highly-stylized images with dreamlike quality, often blending reality with fiction to create otherworldly scenes.
While the term surrealism can be traced back to the early 1900s the style of surrealism photography didn’t truly come into its own until the 1920s when artists like Salvador Dali and Ren? Magritte began experimenting with the genre. Since then surrealism has continued to evolve with new photographers finding new ways to interpret and explore the style. If You’re interested in trying your hand at surrealism photography there are a few things you should keep in mind. First dont’t be afraid to experiment, surrealism is all about pushing boundaries and playing with the viewer’s expectations. Second pay close attention to detail, the small details are often what makes a surreal image truly effective. And finally dont’t be afraid to have fun ? after all that’s what surrealism is all about.”