Lynn Ballingall Is A 78-Year-Old Photographer Who Has Been Taking Pictures For Over 60 Years

Lynn Ballingall is a 78-year-old photographer who has been taking pictures for over 60 years. Lynn’s work focuses on the people and places of her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Lynn’s love of photography began when she was given a camera as a gift from her father. Since then, she has taken thousands of photographs, many of which have been featured in local newspapers and magazines. Lynn’s work has also been exhibited in several galleries in Winnipeg.
In recent years, Lynn has been photographing the changing landscape of her city, as new buildings and developments have sprung up. Lynn’s photographs provide a unique and valuable perspective on the city’s history and evolution.
Lynn’s work is an important part of documenting the city of Winnipeg and its people. Her photos offer a glimpse into the past, present, and future of this Canadian city.