Micro Photography Is A Genre Of Photography That Involves Taking Photos Of Small Subjects

Micro photography is a genre of photography that involves taking photos of small subjects. The subjects can be anything from insects to small objects. The key to taking good micro photos is to have a good understanding of lighting and composition.
One of the challenges of micro photography is that the subjects are often very small, which means that they can be difficult to photograph. This is where a good understanding of lighting comes in handy. By understanding how to use light, you can make your subject stand out and make your photo more interesting.
Another challenge of micro photography is composition. Because the subjects are so small, it can be difficult to compositionally balance your photo. This is where a good eye for detail comes in handy. By being able to see the small details, you can create a more balanced and interesting photo.
Micro photography can be a fun and challenging genre of photography. By understanding the challenges and having a good eye for detail, you can take some amazing micro photos.