No Matter What Some People Might Say, Photography And Math Actually Have A Lot In Common

No matter what some people might say, photography and math actually have a lot in common. Both require a certain amount of precision and attention to detail in order to get the desired results.
For instance, when You’re composing a photograph, you have to be mindful of the Rule of Thirds, which is essentially a mathematical formula for creating balance and visual interest in a composition. Likewise, when You’re calculating exposure, You’re essentially doing a bunch of math in your head (or with a light meter) to make sure the image is properly exposed.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are all sorts of other ways that math comes into play in photography, from calculating shutter speed and aperture to understanding the hyperfocal distance.
So, next time someone tells you that photography isn?t a math-based discipline, you can set them straight. Photography may not be all about numbers and equations, but there’s definitely more math involved than meets the eye.