Photography Can Definitely Include Videos

In short, the answer is yes ? photography can definitely include videos! But of course, there’s a bit more to it than that. Let?s take a closer look at what photography is, what videos are, and how the two can overlap.
Photography is the art of capturing images. This can be done with either a still camera, which captures a single image, or a video camera, which captures a series of images (frames) that play back in sequence.
Videos, on the other hand, are a series of moving images that are strung together to create a fluid, continuous piece of footage. This can be captured with a video camera, or created using a series of still images that are played in sequence.
So, when we talk about photography, we can include both still images and videos. In fact, many photographers now specialize in creating videos as well as still images. This is because the two forms of media complement each other perfectly ? a still image can capture a moment in time that a video might miss, and a video can show movement and context that a still image can?t.
Of course, not all photographers include videos in their portfolio. And that’s perfectly fine! It’s really up to the individual photographer to decide what they want to include in their work.