Rays Are A Type Of Electromagnetic Radiation, And X-Rays Are A Specific Type Of Ray That Has A Very Short Wavelength

Rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, and X-rays are a specific type of ray that has a very short wavelength. This means that it has a lot of energy and can penetrate through many materials. that’s why X-ray imaging is so useful in medicine and security.
X-rays are produced by a device called an X-ray machine, which uses a high-voltage electrical current to generate the X-rays. The X-rays are then directed at the body part being imaged, and they pass through the body and are detected by an X-ray film or digital sensor on the other side.
The shadows of dense objects show up well on an X-ray image, while less dense objects allow more X-rays to pass through them and appear lighter. This is why bones show up so well on X-rays, while soft tissues like organs and muscles are less visible.
One of the disadvantages of X-ray imaging is that it can be harmful to the body if used improperly. X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation, which means that they can damage DNA and cause cancer. that’s why It’s important to only have an X-ray when It’s medically necessary, and to make sure that the X-ray machine is properly calibrated to minimize the radiation dose.