Watermarking Your Photos Is A Great Way To Protect Your Work From Being Used Without Permission

Watermarking your photos is a great way to protect your work from being used without permission. There are a few different ways to watermark your photos, but the most common and effective way is to use a software program like Photoshop or Lightroom.
To watermark your photos in Photoshop, first open the image you want to watermark. Then, click on the ?Layer? menu at the top of the screen and select ?New Layer.? A new layer will appear in the ?Layers? palette.
Next, click on the ?Brush? tool in the toolbar and select a black brush. Then, click on the ?Text? tool and type in your watermark. You can use any font you want, but I usually use a simple sans serif font like Arial or Helvetica.
Once you’ve typed in your watermark, click on the ? layer? menu again and select ?Flatten Image.? This will merge your watermark layer with the background layer.
Finally, save your image as a JPEG file. And that’s it! you’ve successfully watermarked your photo.