We All Know That Feeling When We’re Scrolling Through Our Social Media Feeds

We all know that feeling when we’re scrolling through our social media feeds and we see a photo of someone we follow looking fabulously glamorous at some VIP event. We can’t help but to stop and stare and maybe even feel a twinge of jealousy. But what we dont’t often think about is the work that goes into getting those VIP photos.
For starters, there’s the planning. If You’re going to be attending a red carpet event, you have to make sure you have the perfect outfit. This usually means hours of shopping or scouring designer websIt’s. Then there’s hair and makeup. You want to make sure you look your absolute best, so you might book an appointment at a salon or hire a freelance makeup artist.
Once You’re all dressed up and ready to go, It’s time to head to the event. If You’re lucky, you might be able to snag a ticket or an invitation. But even if You’re not, there’s always the possibility of sneaking in or waiting outside to try and get a glimpse of the celebrities as they arrive.
Once You’re inside, It’s all about mingling and taking photos. You want to make sure you get a photo with as many celebrities as possible. But It’s not always easy to get their attention. You might have to wait in line or fight your way to the front. But It’s all worth it when you finally get that perfect photo.
So the next time You’re scrolling through your social media feed and you see a VIP photo, just remember the work that went into getting it. It’s not always as glamorous as it looks.